Mike Foyle vs Signalrunners “Love Theme Dusk”

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“The most gentle piano play you have ever heard and the best beats to go underneath them. If there ever was a way to fill clubs with some classical music, this is it. Love Theme Dusk shook the world with its unforgettable, sensitive sound, as it was being hammered by the big jocks all around the globe. No one less than Armin van Buuren opened with the song for 40.000 white-dressed party lovers at Sensation White 2005. But more followed, as it had massive impact and was favourited by countless of music lovers. Even though the piano melody was written by Dave Schonauer, it were Mike Foyle and The Signalrunners who turned this one into a worldwide club anthem.

England based DJ/Producer Mike Foyle saw himself growing out to be one of the most promising names for the future. In the past couple of years, Love Theme Dusk grew out to be a classic, and eventually led to a range of other successful Mike Foyle productions, like Shipwrecked, Firefly and Pandora. With his lush piano play and a characteristic sound that is almost unable to copy, Mike Foyle is steadily growing out to a fully fledged producer/DJ with the world as his playground. And it all started with Love Theme Dusk.”


1. Mike’s Broken Record Mix
2. Signalrunners Sunrise Mix
3. Airbase presents Parc Remix